Industry Collaboration

We work closely with mission-based organizations interested in collaborating with like-minded organizations to expand the impact. We know how difficult it can be to shift course, or make time for bigger picture strategy discussions with outside organizations. Sometimes they lead to no action. Sometimes they detract from your core objectives. We can help you ensure that collaboration happens, and that you don't waste you time. Collaboration takes commitment, but it also takes someone guiding the effort. We can do that - by building trust, and committing to ensuring the outcomes help you ensure your mission is stronger because of it.

Successful program design

We've worked with programs across the country, providing training, mentoring, and stakeholder engagement strategies that improve success of residential energy efficiency incentive programs. We team up with the program administrators and implementers to provide a roadmap to successful program delivery. We show you how to become a resource for your contractors and stakeholders, so they can deliver the energy savings you need.  We can help identify program cost savings, administrative duplication, and opportunities to simplify program operations and participation. 

Business Growth and Operations

Whether you're a startup in the energy efficiency industry, or a home improvement contracting business, we can help you navigate the fundamentals of business. We've worked with companies large and small to define and compete successfully for growth opportunities. 

We've got lots and lots of experience in operations and project management. We pride ourselves on understanding the national scene and the individual business market. Clients have included federal agencies, local non-profits, national non-profits, foundations, and more.