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Women in Building Performance - What to expect in Nashville

Well, it's that time again, and I am excited! The National Home Performance Conference is always a homecoming of sorts. It feels a bit like a family reunion, and an opportunity to meet new members of the residential energy industry. And, Women in Building Performance is building steam - some of which you'll see in Nashville next week. Here's a sneak peak:

Sunday Night, March 19 at 5:00: Join us for First Night reception, which we're co-hosting with our friends at Brighter Energy Collective. Drink tickets while they last, and a raffle. And some good conversation about increasing diversity in our industry. Bring a new friend! We'd love to see some new faces. You can find us in the Broadway Prefunction space, across from registration. And if you'd like to donate to the cause please contact me! My blog about it is here

Emerging Professionals: A Debate on the Future of Home Performance: This session, held on Wednesday morning at 8am (I know, I know! But it's worth it, I promise), will be a lively discussion about workforce development, addressing diversity and adversity, and building toward a more cohesive, diverse (in population and in thinking) industry. As part of the Habitat X track, you know it will be different than most sessions you attend. I'm sitting on this panel, sharing my own experiences and perspectives on how to address the gender gap. With me will be Ed Matos and Michelle Nochisaki of Brighter Energy Collective, Mark Tajima of Energia, and Elizabeth Chant Principal at VEIC

Diversify Your Workforce: This session is also on Wednesday at 12:00pm. I'm very excited to have some new faces in our midst join me on the panel: Danielle Putnam, President of the New Flat Rate and board member of Women in HVAC, and Kristen Nicole, Account Director at Dividend Solar, and executive director of Women in Solar Energy. We'll talk about workforce issues. We'll talk about the three organizations and what they're doing to address the workforce challenges. And, we'll talk about ways to build bridges between the home performance, HVAC, and solar industries.  

More opportunities to come - stay tuned! Hope to see you next week in Nashville.