First Night of HPC Nashville - where will you be?

Last year at ACI in Austin, we held a a great reception supporting Women in Building Performance. This year, we're going big(ger). We've partnered with the Brighter Energy Collective and Habitat X to start a dialogue. To talk about diversity. And to give out free drinks (and maybe some giveaways). You can find us on Sunday night at 5:00 at the Omni. Check out the First Night Event Page, and Come join us!

We're still looking for sponsors - if you're interested in sponsoring, please send me an email ( We're looking to raise enough funds to cover the cost of the event. And, if we get more than that, the funds will go into the HPC scholarship fund. It's a win-win! So far we've gotten some generous sponsorship from Mike Rogers, OmStout Consulting, Steve Byers, energyLogic, RetoTech, and Energy Circle. We take donations of all sizes! If your company wants to contribute $500 or $1,000, that's fantastic. If you as an individual want to donate $50 or $100, that's great too! 

I hope to see you there!