Women in Home Performance

As some of you may know, I started an initiative 4 years ago to help build diversity in the industry, specifically focused on building networking opportunities, education of the industry at large as to how you can all help support women in this space, and to provide mentoring and support. The first couple of years had fits and starts, and were focused on clearly identifying the problem. This year, we’re focused on action. At ACI National in Austin this year, we had a very successful Women in Home Performance reception, sponsored by Tierra Resource Consultants, Energy Circle, Renew Financial, and Ivy Tools. (You can read more about my ACI experience on the Home Energy Blog here). During the reception, and throughout the conference, we had lots of offers to sponsor more activities at future events. We had a working session with a group of dedicated women (and two very gracious men!), and it solidified what needs to be done for me. In the coming months, I’m working on the following activities:

  • Collaboration with other women-focused organizations: I’ve been talking with Women in Solar, Women in Energy, and Women in HVAC. We’ve all got strengths and there is a lot of potential to leverage each other’s networks and resources. More to come on this. And, if you know of other organizations I should be talking to, please let me know!
  • Create a platform for women to communicate with each other: I established a rudimentary google group for women in home performance. This is a women-only platform for women to share ideas, ask questions, and support each other. If you identify as a women and are interested in joining, please email me (amy@beley.org). 
  • Getting the word out: We’ll be posting to the LinkedIn Group, which anyone can join - and please do!. Go to the Linkedin Group Here. You’ll also see more on Twitter. We’ve created the handle @HP_Women. Please follow us! 
  • A big splash at ACI National in Nashville. More to come on this.

If you’re interested in helping out, or learning more about how you can get involved, please drop me a line!